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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is a real company?
A:  Yes and No. is a brand name of Kabayan Central Net Works Inc, especially designed to cater to the pre-paid market in the Philippines, and offers only genuine and original products. You can contact us by mail, phone or email, but if you call, remember we are in the Philippines, and keep Philippine business hours ( GMT +8, or PST, or Philippine standard time ).

Q:  Is Pinoy-Showbiz different from

A:  Yes. is exclusively for the pre-paid Philippine market. offers movie DVD/VCDs and CDs from the Philippines and rest o f the world for delivery to Philippine destinations.

Kabayan offers movie DVD/VCD and music CDs from the Philippines for delivery anywhere in the world.

The lower costs associated with a pre-paid operation (customer pays store before shipping) plus inexpensive payment methods and domestic shipping also enable to provide products at a lower price than which caters mainly to the international post-paid/credit card market (store bills AFTER shipping) with global delivery

Q:  Is my order safe?
A:  Yes. Shopping in is safe and guaranteed. For a detailed explanation, see our guarantee.

Q:  Do you ship to the US and to Europe?
A:  No. Orders in are for Philippine addresses only.

Q:  How long does the shipping take?
A:  It varies, of course, depending on the delivery location and the service quality of the postal service in your area. Orders sent via door-to-door Express Delivery Service typically take only a day or two. Orders to destinations outside the coverage areas are delivered via the Express Mail Service (EMS) of the Philippine postal service, which take a little longer.

Q:  It has been more than a week already and I haven't received my order sent via postal mail yet. What happens now?
A:  Please email about the delay immediately.

Q:  Can I order a CD not listed in your music section?
A:  Yes. As long as the item you want is commercially available in the country, we can get this for you. All you have to do is email regarding your request. And this also applies to other items, not only CDs, videos or books.

Q:  Are the items you sell original?
A:  Definitely. is a strong advocate of intellectual property rights of music and showbiz talents. All products sold by are guaranteed genuine, original and brand new.

Q:  The product I ordered is defective. Can I get a refund or a replacement?
A:  Yes but please email us first before you return the product. Also, we need to receive the item pre-paid postage back to our operations office in Manila before we can send you the replacement item or refund the purchase price to your credit card less shipping cost.

Q:  If I order in large quantities, do I get a discount?
A:  Most probably. Just email our webmaster and we will determine how much discount can be offered.

Q:  I'm having difficulties ordering from your site. My shopping cart remains empty.
A:  Please make sure that your browser is configured to accept cookies. You can do this by checking the security options of your browser.

Q:  I just made an online order but I haven't received any confirmation from you. Does this mean you didn't get my order?
A:  Email confirmation of online orders is personally done by the webmaster. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email within 2 business days time, we didn't get your online order. But if you place your order Friday night (Manila time), you'll get an email Monday morning already. staff gets the weekends off.:-)

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