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Ma Isabel Lopez

Madam Auring

Madeleine Nicolas

Maggie dela Riva


Maila Gumila

Maita Soriano

Maja Salvador

Makisig Morales

Malou de Guzman

Malu Barry

Mandy Ochoa

Manilyn Reynes

Manny Ojeda

Manny Pacquiao

Manuel Quizon

Marc Cortez

Marcela Garcia

Marco Alcaraz

Marco Gonzales

Marco Morales

Marco Rodas

Marcus Guttierez

Marcus Madrigal

Margarita Milan

Maria Isabel Lopez

Maria Isabel Lopez

Maria Leonora Theresa

Maria Teresa Carlson

Maria Theresa Carlson

Maria Victoria

Marian Rivera

Marianne dela Riva

Maricar Dela Fuente

Maricar Fernandez

Maricar de Mesa

Maricar dela Fuente

Maricel Morales

Maricel Soriano

Marife Necesito


Marilou Bendigo

Marilou Sadiwa

Marilou Ver

Marinella Moran

Mario Montenegro

Marissa Delgado

Marissa Garcia

Marita Zobel

Marites de Joya

Maritoni Fernandez


Marjorie Barreto

Mark Anthony Fernandez

Mark Bautista

Mark Cortez

Mark Dionisio

Mark Gil

Mark Herras

Mark Joseph

Mark Portus

Marky Cielo

Marky Lopez

Marlene Dauden

Martha Daniels

Martha Sevilla

Martin Marfil

Martin Nievera

Martina Wilson

Marvin Agustin

Mary Walter

Mat Ranillo III

Matet De Leon

Matet de Leon

Matimtiman Cruz

Matt Mendoza

Matt Ranillo III

Matthew Mendoza


Maui Taylor

Maureen Mauricio

Max Alvarado

Maxene Magalona

Maye Tongco

Megan Young

Mel Francisco

Mel Martinez

Melanie Gomez

Melanie Marquez

Meldy Corrales

Melissa Mendez

Melissa Ricks

Melisse Santiago

Meryll Soriano

Metring David

Micah Munoz

Michael De Mesa

Michael Gomez

Michael Punzalan

Michael Rivero

Michael V

Michael de Mesa

Michelle Aldana

Michelle Bayle

Michelle Eztevez

Michelle Madrigal

Michelle Parton

Michelle Zobel

Michelle van Eimeren

Mickey Ferriols

Miguel Cotto

Miguel Lopez

Miguel Rodriguez

Mike Enriquez

Mike Gualvez

Mike Magat

Mike Ochosa

Mikee Cojuangco

Mikee Villanueva

Mikey Arroyo

Miko Arellano

Miko Laurel

Miko Palanca

Mila Del Sol

Mila Ocampo

Mila del Sol

Milagros Naval

Miles Canapi

Millet Abalos

Miriam Quiambao

Mitos del Mundo

Miya Nolasco

Mocha Uson

Mom Rosebud

Mon Confiado

Mona Liza

Monang Carvajal

Monica Herrera

Monica Llamas

Monica Madrid

Monica Midler

Monina Rojo

Monique Wilson

Monsour del Rosario


Mutya Crisostomo

Mylene Dizon

Myles Hernandez

Myra Manibog

Myrna Castillo

Myrna Delgado


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